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Stress-Free Commercial Moves in California: A Comprehensive Office Moving Checklist

Your trusted office moving service experts at Lee’s Moving are here to help with your northern California commercial relocation. As Spring kicks into gear here in Redding, California, we know that many people are looking to take advantage of some of the best hiking, trails, and rivers in the United States. So, if you’re one of the many people moving into the area because you love nature and want to experience the beauty of Northern California firsthand, then it’s likely you’ll also need office moving services in Redding to help transition your business to the new location as well. Moves... View Article

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Solving Storage Problems

Need help figuring out your storage needs? Lee’s Moving and National Van Lines Have the Answer! Table of Contents: Introduction: The Storage Conundrum Why Storage Matters for Your Business Lee’s Moving: Your Trusted Storage Agent Types of Storage Solutions Short-Term Storage: A Breath of Fresh Air Long-Term Storage: The Safe Haven Specialty Storage: Tailored Just for You How It Works: Storing Your Treasures with Lee’s Moving Security: Fort Knox for Your Belongings Cost-Effective Storage Solutions Tips and Tricks for Efficient Storage Conclusion: Your Storage Journey Begins Here Introduction: The Storage Conundrum Storage, it’s a word that can send shivers down... View Article

Living in Anderson, CA

Anderson is a city in northern California located in Shasta County. It is located 13 miles from Redding. It is about 200 miles north of San Francisco and 138 miles from the capital of Sacramento. ANDERSON, CA, POPULATION & DEMOGRAPHICS The population of Anderson is 10,479. It is somewhat of a diverse place with 75.5% white, 7.3% white Hispanic and 3.4% Hispanic residents. Married couples account for 40.2% of households in this city. Wondering if Anderson is a safe place to live? The overall crime rate is slightly higher than the national average. ANDERSON, CA COST OF LIVING If you... View Article

California Sports Guide


Transplant’s Guide to California Sports They sure know how to win. Sports teams in California are having a banner year taking home the Super Bowl trophy and recently winning the NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors and a barrage of threes by Stephen Curry. Now it might be the Los Angeles Dodgers turn to win another title — or maybe the Padres or Giants. There are so many teams to pick from. And that’s the point. If you have done your research and hired the best mover in Northern California and are moving to the Redding area, get used... View Article

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Redding, CA Moving Box Removal

Moving Box Removal Guide – AFTER YOU HAVE MOVED You have made the big move in life and love your new home. Now, what to do with all those cardboard boxes? For the last few weeks you spent hours packing dishes, toys and cups into boxes and carefully labeling them so you can find what you need in a hurry. But now you have 50 cardboard moving boxes Redding CA filling your garage. What to do? It seems like a waste of money to simply break the boxes down and throw them away. You can get rid of moving boxes,... View Article