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Moving Storage in Redding

You’re moving to Redding, CA and you need to store a few treasures temporarily during the transition.

Any online search reveals dozens of options for storage units Redding. Who should get your first call, and why is it Lee’s Moving?

In addition to handling local and long-distance moves for commercial and residential customers, Lee’s offers the best climate-controlled storage in Redding, CA. And they make the process easy by requiring no deposit.

We’ll get back to Lee’s top-notch self-storage services in a minute. Let’s check out the Redding, CA self storage competition for a moment. Options abound, from Westside Storage to Ace Mini Storage to A-1 Stor-In Centers to Eastside Storage.

Sure, you could choose from these competitors. But if you want your items stored in a top-rated storage facility, choose Lee’s. This is a company that takes pride in providing great services at great rates. Lee’s guarantees all your belongings will remain safe and secured in climate-controlled storage units. Its staff works to ensure every storage unit is clean, and all items are protected.

Whether you need storage for vehicles or RVs, or smaller items for residential or commercial purposes, Lee’s has the storage solution for you. Units are air-conditioned in the summer and heated during the cooler seasons to prevent humidity and moisture problems.

Lee’s provides modern security: Its storage facilities come equipped with computerized gates that only allow authorized customers access. Plus, Lee’s properties are monitored by video surveillance.

One more feature you’ll like: Lee’s Moving storage units have managers on-site to help you pay your bill or look for the unit that best suits your needs. The company values customer service.

There are many options for self-storage, but you’ll find no finer storage service in Redding, CA than Lee’s. Call 530-357-2389 to ask questions of our helpful staff. Get started by checking out our storage information.

Whether you’re looking to hire movers to transport your keepsakes, or to rent a storage unit to safeguard them temporarily before or after the move, Lee’s Moving can answer every question and meet every need.

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