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Transplant’s Guide to California Sports

They sure know how to win.

Sports teams in California are having a banner year taking home the Super Bowl trophy and recently winning the NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors and a barrage of threes by Stephen Curry.

Now it might be the Los Angeles Dodgers turn to win another title — or maybe the Padres or Giants.

There are so many teams to pick from.

And that’s the point.

If you have done your research and hired the best mover in Northern California and are moving to the Redding area, get used to winning.

The sports scene in California is so busy that it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

So here’s a guide to help you navigate the landscape of sports teams in California, including the Northern California athletic conference.

By the way, this state has more sports teams than any other state, by far!



Counting all the major pro-sports teams in California will take a bit.

Can you name all of them?

There are 19 sports teams in California among the major pro sports.

Lets break that down.

With Major League Baseball there are five with the Dodgers, Angels, A’s, Padres and Giants.

The NBA has four with the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and Kings.

You can make a joke about a few of them if they are really a pro team because they never win anything. But they count.

The NFL has only three teams in California now that the Raiders moved to Vegas. There are the Chargers, Rams and the 49ers.

The NHL has the Ducks, Kings and Sharks. There is the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks.

There also are three Major League Soccer teams with two in L.A. and one in San Jose.

Wow. That’s a lot to watch in a year.

But fear not. The state has Bay Area teams and L.A. has their teams. So if you are living in the San Francisco area, you might want to watch teams there.





The Rams are the champions this year thanks to a great trade for quarterback

Matthew Stafford who came from the Detroit Lions.

This team is poised to make another run at a title this year, but will have plenty of competition with the Packers, Bucs, 49ers and Dallas all trying to knock them off.

The Chargers are a team that’s building and will be in the hunt for a playoff birth with Justin Herbert continuing to work to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

The 49ers have all the pieces, but there are still plenty of questions as to who will be the quarterback. Will it be Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance?

Tune in for that soap opera.



Lebron James didn’t make the playoffs last year with the Lakers. So, something has to change.

Meanwhile, Curry led the Warriors to a title, the fourth with the same core group of players that includes Clay Thompson and Draymond Green.

While the Clippers have been the butt of the jokes for years, they have a great team that will look to bounce back this year with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

The Sacramento Kings also have a team — sort of.

They won only 30 games last year. But on a good note, that was only three less than the Lakers. They don’t have any big name players and may not for some time.

They did draft Keegan Murray this year.



It’s the Dodgers and everyone else.

Well, not so fast.

Yes the L.A. Dodgers have one of the top records in baseball this year and look to make another run at the World Series.

Their biggest competition getting there will be the Mets, Brewers and Braves. Also look out of the Padres.

Since the Dodgers and Padres are in the same division, that would be a tough matchup if the two teams meet in the playoffs.

The problem with beating the Dodgers is they sign every great player in baseball. They have Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw. And that’s only naming a few. It’s like an all-star game except they are all on the same team.

The Padres have some top players themselves including Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado.

One other team to watch is the San Francisco Giants who are in third place but can make a run at a Wild Card.

The Angels and A’s will have to wait another year.



While the Los Angeles Kings made the playoffs this year, they will have to wait until next season to see if they can make it further than the first round. They are ranked 14th in the ESPN power ranking for next season. While the Ducks are 20th and the Sharks will look to build.



The L.A. Sparks are currently in third place but can make a run at the playoffs this year.



Los Angeles FC is having a great season in Major League Soccer and is in first place. The L.A. Galaxy is in 7th and San Jose is having a tough season.

The arena San Jose Sharks does have the coolest name. The Sharks play at the SAP Center. They call it the Shark Tank.



With so many things to do in California, there are plenty of sports to follow if you get bored. Since you are living in Northern California, check out the 49ers in a few weeks if you can get a ticket. If you can’t, the Sharks and Warriors will start the season soon enough.

But one affordable option also is the Giants who can make a postseason run. Baseball also is the most affordable sport to see live.

If you want more sports, check out sporting goods stores in Northern California to play yourself. Because we’re close to the Pacific Ocean, there are a lot of water/marine sports to participate in.

There is DICK’s Sporting Goods, West Coast Sporting Goods, Play It Again Sports and Big 5 Sporting Goods.

Sports Bars in California

Looking for a top-rated bar to watch all the games at? Check out these bars we recommend!

T Boyle’s Tavern, Pasadena, CA
Blue Dog Beer Tavern. Sherman Oaks, CA
The Cave Sports Bar, Anaheim, CA
C & J’s Sports Bar, Santa Clara, CA
Sports Page, Mountain View, CA
Rookies Sports Lodge, San Jose, CA
The San Francisco Athletic Club, San Francisco, CA
Barney’s Beanery, Multiple Locations in California


Now that you know something about California sports and all the options to follow, it’s time to enjoy your new home. Make sure you hire a reputable and trusted mover—Lee’s Moving. Call Lee’s Moving today at 530-357-2389 or click here to get your free moving quote.

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