February 19, 2024

"We have moved twice in two years and contracted Lee's Moving for both moves. In each move the Moving Staff (administratively and moving team) where very-very professional, prompt and consistently reliable! My wife had great comfort with the moving team members, she felt very safe with them, like they were brothers. These teams listened 'in detail' to all I needed from them and they preformed at an excellent level of workmanship and were always extremely courteous. They worked quickly, yet very carefully not to damage anything. We recommend Lee's Moving to facilitate your moving needs. Their Moving Staff is of great value to us and our surrounding communities! The Kelly's"
February 9, 2024

"Tommy and Hunter (I believe were their names) did an amazing job with two of our moves back to back. Nothing was damaged in the process and they were willing to move things around for us multiple times, including bringing some of my dad’s furniture inside from the garage that was too heavy for us to move ourselves. The pricing is very reasonable for the work that they do, and we’re willing to basically help me with an extra things I needed help with during the move, even providing a few spare moving boxes that they had from a previous move when I didn’t have enough myself. I will 100% continue to go through Lee’s Moving for any future moves and to also recommend them to any family or friends :) thank you Lee’s for exceptional service and a trustworthy move."
January 31, 2024

"Great experience, from the communication to the move. I was a little nervous things might get broken and/or there would be a lot of waste from single use packaging materials, but they used fabric wraps and nothing broke. So thank you!!"
January 4, 2024

"One of the best is not the best roadside stops while traveling through desolate parts of California. .. fantastic fantastic sandwiches. Nice atmosphere, things to look at and shop for. And relax for fifteen minutes"
December 18, 2023

"Wow. Lee's wonderful, skilled, efficient, careful, helpful, cheerful and downright amazing moving crew managed to pack, move and unpack all our essential furniture and appliances from old to new home (1.5 hrs through the mountains) in one intense day. I mean, down to "would you like this rug up against the wall here, or offset to show the woodwork design?" ... "If we switched the placing of this seating, it would open up more room" ,,,, "we can't set cardboard boxes directly on this flooring, because it could scratch the finish" ..... I can't compliment their professionalism and dedication to our satisfaction enough. Where did these guys come from? (Redding, actually, but seemed more heaven sent to us.) One minute we're looking at a piece of furniture that can't possibly fit through that door, and the next minute it's wrapped completely in protective padding, and out the door onto the truck. Least stressful move ever, highly recommend!"
Lee's Moving