November 9, 2020

"Dominique and Warren, best two guys ever! They rocked! Had it done way way faster than I could have imagined! Highly recommend!!!"
October 24, 2020

"I contacted Lee's because my family moved to a new house when my daughter was three weeks old, and I needed help! They packed up our belongings one day, and came the next day to move us into our new home. All four of the men who we worked with were dependable, hard-working, and good-humored. There is nothing fun about moving, and they helped these two days go as smoothly as possible. All of our belongings were packaged very carefully, and they moved all of the boxes to exactly where they needed to go in the new house. I will be recommending Lee's to all friends planning a move in the future, and will contact them if we are ever stupid enough to move again."
March 23, 2020

"We have fled California and Lee’s Moving was our accomplice! These folks did a phenomenal job. They appeared at our soon to be old home as promised and on time. The crew immediately set about organizing the loading of the truck and packing items that needed extra care. Everything was packed and loaded in 4 hours. A couple of notes- The crew of 4 started the loading feeling very energetic. Four hours later they were just as charged and energetic. As men working as a team often do, there was lots of “jibber-jabber” back and forth throughout the loading process. My wife and I heard not one word of profanity. The furniture arrived 400+ miles and two days away without any damage or breakage. While moving the furniture into the new house, the crew was more than willing to move things around as my wife changed her mind several times about where furniture would be placed. Lee’s Moving provided us the service and expertise we were expecting and exceeded all our expectations. We give them 5 stars. "
December 23, 2019

"Thank you Bob for sending Rick & Marvin to help us. They were hard working, polite, professional & went above and beyond. We could not ask for better help!"
October 14, 2019

"Above and beyond any moving company in the area - these professional people are the best. No comparison whatsoever. I've had quotes from around the area and these are the most honest people around. I've had their competitors change quotes and obligations after the fact. Too late to do anything about it when you're moving and they know it. These are the pros if you're thinking about moving or relocating to another state. Highly recommend."
Lee's Moving