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Moving for Love and What to Expect in California

Love is in the air this February in California, and you might be considering moving in February with your special someone.

Now is the time to ask big questions: Is moving for love a good idea? Will you regret moving for love?

You don’t want your relationship to play out like some HGTV drama. Nothing against the “Moving for Love” HGTV series, but you want to know your relationship is headed in the right direction before you move in together. The best way to know for sure is to ask yourself these questions:

Will moving for love take your relationship to the next level? Living together is a sure way to find whether your partner would move mountains for you, or wouldn’t even bend down to pick a pair of dirty socks. Hopefully you’re already sure it’s the former: Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking to share a love nest this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you agree on relationship goals before you move in together. Is this a step toward marriage? Will you have children together? Do you plan to stay in your new community long-term? These are discussions best had on the front end.

Will relocating solve your relationship problems? If you’re already having significant issues – beyond the retrieval of dirty socks – living in close quarters would tend to exacerbate, rather than cure, them. Sure, you’d have the benefit of arguing in person rather than over the phone. But moving in together won’t make old problems disappear. And it’s likely to create new ones.

Would you live in this city if it weren’t for your partner? Leaving family and friends behind to start over is scary. Familiarize yourself with the community you’re relocating to. Find a coffee house, fitness center or bar that’ll make you feel at home. Such homes away from home may prove comforting if the relationship falters.

Would your beloved do the same thing for you? This can be a difficult question to answer, depending on your life circumstances. But even if it’s just a hypothetical, if you’re the one moving for love, it’s fair to ask whether your partner would do the same for you if your roles were reversed.

How can we set ourselves up for success? Discuss your living arrangements in advance. Will  you have pets? How will you divide everyday tasks and – perhaps more importantly – the bills? Will you ask friends to move your treasures, or hire a crew like the professionals at Lee’s Moving? Reaching an understanding on such matters in advance will help you avoid fights once you’re under the same roof.

How should we handle move-in day? Work together to create a to-do list and a moving budget. (Lee’s Moving can help you with this.) Discuss whether you’ll ship your vehicles, rent a storage unit and buy moving insurance. Consider splitting moving costs. Call Lee’s Moving at 530-357-2389 or fill out the online form for a free moving quote.

Once you’ve discussed these topics and reached consensus on the answers, you’re ready to move for love with no regrets. One last question: Valentines in California—what do you say?

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