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Living in Anderson, CA

Anderson is a city in northern California located in Shasta County. It is located 13 miles from Redding. It is about 200 miles north of San Francisco and 138 miles from the capital of Sacramento. ANDERSON, CA, POPULATION & DEMOGRAPHICS The population of Anderson is 10,479. It is somewhat of a diverse place with 75.5% white, 7.3% white Hispanic and 3.4% Hispanic residents. Married couples account for 40.2% of households in this city. Wondering if Anderson is a safe place to live? The overall crime rate is slightly higher than the national average. ANDERSON, CA COST OF LIVING If you... View Article

tip movers

Should I Tip My Movers?

You moved to your new California home and watched people lug in your heavy furniture in hot weather. The dish set is intact. The wine glasses are perfect. Even your bobble-head collection made it. Now the question is:  should you tip the movers who did the work? When we go out to a restaurant we know to tip the server about 20%. But what is the etiquette for movers? Moving locally or across the country can cost thousands. But there is a satisfaction in knowing that everything got to your new place in great condition. While you tip your hairdresser... View Article

move to redding ca

Thinking of Moving to Redding, CA |ULTIMATE Living in Redding

Redding, CA is a northern city in the state of California, located in Shasta County. Redding is about 162 miles north of Sacramento and 120 miles south of the Oregon-California border. Redding was known as Poverty Flats during the Gold Rush in that region in the 19th Century, but the name was changed to Redding in 1868, after the first land agent of the Central Pacific Railroad Benjamin Bernard Redding. Population & Demographics The 2019 population of Redding was 91,580. Redding is not a very diverse place to live, with a demographic breakdown of 77% White, 10.7% Hispanic and 4.95%... View Article

Lock Change California

How to Change a Lock in Your New Home in California

  There is nothing like walking into your new kitchen in the morning and seeing a neighbor drinking a cup of coffee. And why shouldn’t he be there? He’s had a key to that place for years and was a friend of the former owner. Now that you have decided to move to California, you have to do one thing before you look for your favorite mug—change locks when you buy a house! There is no telling how many keys that belong to your house are out there. Let’s see. There’s the neighbor who used to feed the cats. And... View Article

California Sports Guide


Transplant’s Guide to California Sports They sure know how to win. Sports teams in California are having a banner year taking home the Super Bowl trophy and recently winning the NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors and a barrage of threes by Stephen Curry. Now it might be the Los Angeles Dodgers turn to win another title — or maybe the Padres or Giants. There are so many teams to pick from. And that’s the point. If you have done your research and hired the best mover in Northern California and are moving to the Redding area, get used... View Article

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